Project Choice

Project Choice is a comprehensive, positive, youth development and drug prevention program for young people, who without special assistance, may drop out of school, become a teenage parent or addicted to drugs.

The program is designed to include parents, educators, and community members in teaching young adolescents life and citizenship skills within a caring and consistent environment. 


COACH Faith Based Prison Ministry

COACH assists inmates and their families before, during and after their incarceration. Reverend Willie G. Dixon has been involved with the Abe Brown Prison Ministry (Prison Crusade Ministry) since 1979.

Reverend Dixon travels weekly to the Zephyrhills Correctional Institution to teach a two-hour Bible Study Class. The purpose of the class is to bring about a mental and spiritual change in the lives of inmates and their families. This helps the inmates make a smooth transition into society and become productive citizens.

Open Re-Entry Survival Flyer

COACH Housing Program

COACH, in partnership with  Housing and Community Development Department and Hillsborough County Affordable Housing Department , has helped over 250 families become first time homeowners, Other home ownership services provided by COACH refers home buyer for credit counseling before the future homeowner signs the contract, budgeting instruction, and homebuyers training (referral for HUD approved classes) before purchase and after closing and foreclosure prevention counseling.

Our various programs also include prison ministry, post release transition, nutritional seminars and community resource referrals.

*COACH Foundation, Inc. is not affiliated with any national organization.

COACH Properties


COACH Section 8 Stabilization Program

COACH Foundation will work with section 8 rental recipients who holds section 8 certificates and who will become homeowners within ten (10) years, and have completed the home ownership program and are prepared to become immediate homeowners.


COACH Goes Green And Creates Jobs




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